Why Brian Carolan dot org?

Brian Carolan dot org is a site designed to integrate my teaching, administrative, and research responsibilities as Professor of Quantitative Research Methods at Montclair State University’s College of Education and Human Services, and as Associate Dean of The Graduate School.  The site is designed to accomplish several objectives primarily through demonstrations of feasibility. First, this site is the location for new work by me, my students and colleagues on various projects within the broad area of educational research. Although this work covers a diverse set of topics within the field of educational research, most of it exhibits a particular emphasis on social network analysis.

Second, this site is the repository for much of my prior scholarly work. Much of this work has gone unpublished or is archived in ways that are virtually inaccessible. By archiving it on this site, it is hoped that this work will reach new audiences in ways that traditional archiving cannot.

Third, this site represents an effort to explore a new form for organizing and managing the work of researchers and educators. This site not only collects completed scholarship; it is also the venue for my ongoing teaching and research activities. It thus represents a potentially important demonstration of the autonomy of scholars at a time when new technologies are threatening to support the further consolidation of the post-secondary educational sector.